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- Drinks -

Here are some drinks i can remember. The pub has got a well sorted cocktail-list and a good cocktail-bar with nearly all favourite known drinks. Normaly there is a "Happy-Hour" (buy one, get two) on beer, some longdrinks and softdrinks. "Happy-Hour" cocktails are marked in the cocktail-list from the GaragePub by a little sign. If someone has a full list of all "Garage-Cocktails" please let me know.
- Becks
- Heineken
- Carlsberg
- Dorado
- all normal softdrinks
- Wodka Lemon ;)
- Wodka Redbull
- Arehucas Cola (thats a rum from the canary islands - very good)
- Tequila Sunrise
- some more i dont remember
- Caipirinha
- Pina Colada
- some more i dont remember

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